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Query RDF files directly with SPARQL in your favourite IDE

If you work with RDF files, you know how important it is to be able to query them quickly and easily. With the new feature of the RDF and SPARQL plugin for JetBrains IDEs, you can query your RDF files directly with SPARQL without any additional software or leaving your IDE.
The new feature lets you query your RDF files directly within the plugin using SPARQL. You no longer need to install a separate RDF store, aka "triplestore", or upload your files to an external server. Edits to the RDF files are immediately available the next time you execute a query. You edit an RDF file and directly query it with SPARQL, only these two steps.

How to query RDF files directly with SPARQL

To use the new feature, create a File-Based SPARQL Endpoint, add RDF files or whole folders you want to work with and execute your query. It automatically handles newly added and removed files if they are in one of the added folders.
The File-Based SPARQL Endpoint supports SPARQL 1.1, the SPARQL-star and RDF-star extension, and RDF files in the following formats: Turtle, N-Triples, TriG and N-Quads.

Saves time and increases productivity

Ask yourself how much time you spend to set up and run a Docker container with an RDF store today to explore data in RDF files. Or maybe you upload RDF files to a remote RDF store which adds a delay before you can access the data.
The faster you can find answers from the data or iterate on RDF data you create, the more you can achieve within the same time.


The File-Based SPARQL Endpoint in the RDF and SPARQL plugin for JetBrains IDEs is a powerful feature that can help you query your RDF data quickly and easily. It lets you be productive because you can focus on things you need to do, not on running an RDF store or uploading files to a server. Download the plugin today and start querying your RDF data like a pro!